Still On President Buhari's Newly Appointed SA; Message To Nigerians In The United Arab Emirates; Greetings To You All - Barr. Emeka Ugwuonye Wrote Again

Before I say anything, I must start by thanking many Nigerians who are resident or doing business in UAE, particularly Dubai, for the help and support you have provided to us since July of 2015 when I was forced by circumstances to become involved in the effort to stop human trafficking and sex slavery flowing from Nigeria to Dubai.

As you all recall, the whole world was rattled when the naked videotapes of two Nigerian girls went viral on the social media. Those were Nigerian girls who were lured to Dubai by some Nigerian Madams with promises of employment in Dubai. Before they left Nigeria, the girls were made to swear oaths in shrines - an oath to obey their Madams in Dubai and to pay back the money that was spent in getting them to Dubai.

When those girls arrived in Dubai, the Madams they were sent to subjected them to nude video recording as further instrument of control. The Madams used these videotapes to manipulate and blackmail those girls and force them into prostitution without end in sight. When those girls were no longer able to endure the inhuman conditions and treatments they suffered in sex-slavery, they tried to resist. The Madams unleashed the damaging videos of them to the world.

The sheer inhumanity of that act caused a widespread outrage. My attention and that of my group were attracted to it, and we stepped in to help. When I made my first post on that incident, I was merely fishing in dark waters without any guarantees that I would get any information from anybody.
However, I realized that I had underestimated the good nature and the intelligence of Nigerians in Dubai. Once you saw my post, almost instantaneously, I began to receive information which soon led me to identify the Madams that made the videotapes and who published them. Soon thereafter, your help led me to identify the girls on the videotapes and I was able to speak with those girls. Through further help from you, I was able to make contacts with over 50 Nigerian girls who were under various other Madams and traffickers in UAE. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

I want to say also that your help had continued. Some of you, Nigerians in Dubai, volunteered information and assistance in other ways. You joined me in helping to rescue other girls. Some of you provided your houses as temporary shelters for the girls we rescued. Some of you provided money to enable some girls to come back to Nigeria. Some of you acted as our detectives, gathering information and tracking the movements of many Madams. I am so proud of you and I am so grateful to many of you for your extraordinary support and kindness.

As I said to many of you that I was able to speak directly with on these matters, the problem of human trafficking is simply too big and too complex. It is something that we cannot solve at once. It requires continued efforts and determination. Human trafficking is controlled by extremely dangerous network of criminal gangs, ranging from the little people who solicit innocent and unsuspecting young girls in our cities and townships and lure them into that track that ends up in prostitution in foreign lands, to those that dress up as important public figures and mingle with politicians, whose own contribution is to ensure that the law enforcement agencies are not able to intervene to prevent trafficking. Whichever role these people play in this nasty business, they are threats to our society and we must not give them the chance to defeat us.

We do have another urgent situation at hand now, which prompts me to call for your help again. The information we have been getting since December last year indicated that one lady known either as Madam Lolly and likely with a Facebook name of Lauretta Onochie, with pictures in which she posed with the President of Nigeria, has been involved somehow in bringing Nigerian girls to Dubai. We have received conflicting reports about the involvement of Lolly in this trade. Someone for instance sent us a message indicating that she knew the house where Lolly's girls are lodged. Another source indicated that she has 5 girls under her control in Dubai and that those girls are managed by another Madam who is an associate of Lolly. That source however indicated that the girls were in a hotel, rather than being lodged in a house in the city. In order to complete our investigation, we need more specific information on Lolly or Lauretta. When we brought this to the attention of Lauretta Onochie, she denied that she was involved, even though two of the girls, not her own girls, identified her picture. Her denial requires that we continue the investigation until we have evidence that would lead to arrests.

The pictures of Lauretta and the woman we believe is the same as Lolly are posted here. If you have seen this woman in Dubai or if you know of any girl in Dubai that is traceable to her, kindly contact us with information. We shall treat any information from you in absolute confidence. I am acting in my capacity as a lawyer and I need such information in order to confirm what sort of legal action my firm would take for the rescue of the girls.

I hope that, as you did in the past, you again would help us with more precipice information that would lead to the rescue of the girls and arrest of the Madams involved. Thank you and God bless