Buhari's Nigerian Orientation Agency Gets It Wrong Again! Wants Nigerians To Stop Calling Nigeria, Naija, As Against Educating His Fellow Northern Muslims To Tolerate The Existence Of Other Religions!

Do you think this is one the serious problems Nigeria is facing today more than the economy, religious tolerance and cohabitation as an indivisible nation? No, never! The most pressing problem facing the entity called Nigeria today, is that of economy and intolerance of other religions by the northern Muslims. 

And it is expected that this will be an area of major concern to the National Orientation Agency, as to most importantly mount a major orientation offensive within the northern enclave to educate and enlighten them on the need to tolerate the existence of other religions which will catalyse and strengthen the indivisibility of Nigeria and foster good relationship among the different ethnic and religious groups. 

Rather than of do the basic thing first to secure the existence of Nigeria from the well known threat, the National Orientation Agency NOA is only concerned with the nomenclature Naija as against Nigeria. This is a complete misplacement of priority and don't be surprised if millions of naira have not been embarked for this project. 

According to reports, the Nigerian national orientation agency {NOA} has appealed to Nigerians to desist from referring to Nigeria as "Naija. Director General of the agency, Garba Abari, made the appeal when he spoke at a news conference in Abuja yesterday. According to him, it is becoming worrisome that some Nigerians are changing the original name of Nigeria.

In his words, “we try in all our advocacy visits to insist that Nigeria must be referred to as Nigeria and not Naija. So, our schools have a role to play in this. The media itself has also got a very fundamental role to play because it is the media that helps in the propagation of this kind of misnomer. All of us, as individuals, as corporate organisations, as media, whether broadcast, print or online, must wake up to the reality. That the more we use these misnomers referring to our country, the fallout of it is that, a significant percentage of our younger ones will not even remember that Nigeria is the original name of our country. I want to appeal to all Nigerians, young and old to always refer to our country as Nigeria"he said

Can someone please advise this voodoo Buhari Nigerian government to get it's priority right for once! 

Frank Uche Dibia
Ouch Post