Nigerians Protest Against Indian, Lebanese Companies Where Nigerians Don't Go On Annual Leave For Fear Of Not Coming Back!

People have been saying Indian and Lebanese companies are never a great place to work and over time I had rebuked such argument because I assumed averagely some workers just want a quick fixes as far as work is concerned. Last Monday Feb 20th, I checked into one of our Branches in Adeola Odeku in Victoria Island Lagos, on my way back and I saw this gathering of young people in a protest mood just in front one of one of the tallest buildings on that street. They all held placards with the inscriptions such as, Say no to Racism, We are Tire of this Discrimination, We want Union, #HRMustGo. As a lover of the HR Profession, the latter attracted me and to satisfy my curiosity

I moved closer to them to ask few questions and from my 30 Minutes interaction with them, I gathered the following about MitsubishiLift Nigeria Limited - the company.

1. MitsubishiLift Nigeria is a Lebanese company where Nigerians don’t go on annual leave or you go and never retirn.

2. Unionism is a total ban and the consequence is termination. 
3. Bonds are signed that even at your spare time you cannot do any other work .

4. MitsubishiLift Nigeria claims that Nigerian Laws supports most of their short comings, hence they don’t care.

5. MitsubishiLift Nigeria Limited,don’t pay or remit tax to government despite being deducted from staff salary.They have their way with #LIRS.

6. In MitsubishiLift Nigeria Limited, You can’t go outside the office to eat. Meaning no break time. 

7. No medical care provision for staff not even HMO as stated in the NHIS laws. 

8. Nigerians are the mouth piece of most unprofessional practices in multinational Companies including Mitsubishi Lift one Man name Chris has sold Nigerians in Nigeria. 

9. Racial discrimination is not about majority, it can also be about few powerful privilege ones who has seen the loopholes and again the negligence on the part of government is a major advantage to Multinational, hence they make use of that lapses to enslave people.This is for real in Mitsubishi Lift Nigeria Limited as the management calls the staff Junior gorillas, Monkeys etc. 

10. At Mitsubishi, on a monthly basis your salary is deducted without proper explanation.

Dear Nairalanders I take responsibility for this post because i experienced this protest live and below pictures says it all. However, having identified the above, I think there should be some solutions if you work in an environment, where similar culture is in practice. One of the solution is to protest and write to Nigerian Labour Congress or any area branch Trade unions just like this people did last week in Lagos. I think another issue is to shout it out loud on social media so that people know the kind of companies they shouldn’t go to be interviewed when they recruiting. Aside, other organisation shouldn't even patronize the service of vendors who cant treat people well.

In conclusion, You may want to share your opinion if you work or once worked in similar company. Or you have insights on how to solve any of the unprofessional labour practice and let Nairalanders gain insights. Please share your thoughts below.
See more protests posters below; 

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