Shiite Muslim Group Allegedly Perform Ritual For President Buhari To Die From His Medical Treatment In London!

It is no longer news that Nigerians are tired of the hardship and so much ethnic division  and tension the coming of President Buhari brought to Nigeria and Nigerians. And this is why as a leader of a multi-religious, ethnic and cultural society as Nigeria, you must try to carry all your subjects along without discrimination. But look at what President Buhari has caused himself? As a Fulani man, Muhammadu Buhari assumed power {from his actions so far}  with a view to subduing other ethnic and religious groups in Nigeria to the advantage of his kinsmen.   

While Nigerians are being called upon to pray for the quick recovery of President Buhari who is on medical leave in the United Kingdom, Shiite Muslims, aggrieved that their leader has been detained unjustly, decided to hold a ritual for the ailing president to die. 

Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky, the leader of the Shiite Islamic sect, has been detained since Dec 2015 after his wife, at least three of his sons, and some of his followers were allegedly killed by the Nigerian Army between 2014 and 2015.

 Photos shared by Khalid Abdul shows a group of Muslim men, gathered round a pit of fire, and another photo shows a ram being slaughtered, the blood dripping into a hole. According to Abdul, the photo was of a ritual being carried out in Borno for the president to die. 
See more photos of the ritual being performed below; 
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