A MUST READ; OMG! Another Voodoo Economic Policy From Africa!

This is a country that has been in an unending economic hardship for years, with it's currency virtually not in existence and what has suddenly become more important is to produce more children in mass. This is definitely another voodoo economic policy from the 93 year old president Robert Mugabe. 

According to reports, as Zimbabwe, according to the chronicle, is facing a huge setback to attract foreign investors because of its small population, the county's lawmakers have now moved a motion urging Zimbabweans not to embrace birth control measures.

According to the Hansard, which provides a transcript of Zimbabwe's parliamentary debates, senators called for the Zimbabwe government to promote large families and get NGOs that have been pushing for birth control to instead 'promote family growth'.

The senators said it was worrying and suggested that people should have a minimum of eight children and be supported by Government to sustain their families. Senator Monica Mutsvangwa of the ruling Zanu-PF party described the matter as a very 'serious issue'

'The moment you tell them we are about 14 million they will all look around and say ah, I do not know how I can continue.' We have no people. We should be serious about development because it's a very serious one. Let us take development alone which investor would come to Zimbabwe to invest seriously for 14 million people?'

Another senator, Mike Musaka said: 'Which investor would come to Zimbabwe to invest seriously for 14 million people?' He said that the money NGOs were spending on promoting birth control should instead be used to support families and pay for schooling for children. With Chronicle