House Oversight Committee Goes After Trump For Deleting Documents

“Federal recordkeeping and government transparency laws such as the Presidential Records Act and the Federal Records Act ensure the official business of the federal government is properly preserved and accessible to the American public.”

Here we go; House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz and ranking member Elijah E. Cummings have sent over official correspondence to the Trump Senior Council, worried that Trump may be deleting official government documents that would be in a direct violation of the Presidential Records Act.

They reminded the president that the act bars Trump from deleting any form of communications, no matter what application is used, including Twitter. If Trump is communicating to people via any electronic format, the record must reflect those conversations, plain and simple. The letter suggests that Trump administration may already be breaking the law.

So far, Trump’s senior council has yet to respond to the six items of inquiry the House Oversight Committee has requested, including any and all email alias used in the administration. The White House will be expected to produce all of their messaging accounts, text messages, social media platforms, etc, in order to make sure the proper records are being kept.

If it’s discovered that Trump deleted anything, such as been suggested, it could equal the time that President George W. Bush’s White House illegally destroyed 22 million emails. That was when it was it was found out that Bush officials improperly used Republican National Committee email accounts to conduct official business. Culled from