I Think President Trump Has Biting Off More Than He Can Chew! What Fox News Military Analyst Told President Trump About His Presidency!

A top Fox News military analyst says Donald Trump must release his tax returns to prove he has no ties to the Russian government. Peters, without mincing words, warned Fox viewers that this administration must get ahead of this scandal and put a stop to what he calls the “slow drip of blood.”

Peters, who is infamous for calling former President Barack Obama a “p*ssy” on Fox back in 2015, told Trump, Watch here

‘Look, I’m a former intel guy. I look at this and I see the patterns, and the patterns stink. So the president needs to realize, and Republicans and Democrats alike, this is about American security — it’s not about politics. Stop the cheap politics. It’s about the possible — however implausible — the possible penetration of a U.S. presidential administration by Russians, to whatever degree. And it’s not going to go away. It’s either going to continue to grind on and bleed the administration, or it’s going to just blow up.’

Then, offering some advice, Peters suggests:
‘He needs to come out and just denounce Vladimir Putin and disavow any notion of a lunatic alliance with Russia.’

‘He can’t get over his adulation of Vladimir Putin. He just will not challenge Russia on anything.’ ‘Look, this scandal — and it is a scandal — could bring down the administration, if the administration doesn’t get ahead of it. They cannot keep allowing the slow drip-drip of blood.’ With bipartisanreport.com

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