List Of Airports Affected By US & UK Air Plane Electronic Ban!

Highly reliable security intelligence obtained by the United States intelligence department in recently weeks has it that, officials got hold of information that an al Qaeda affiliate was perfecting techniques for hiding explosives in batteries and battery compartments of electronic devices.

The discovery of the plot by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula prompted the action taken by the United States and the United Kingdom to ban devices larger than a cellphone from certain flights.

The new security restrictions, announced by the US and UK governments require airlines based in the Middle East and North Africa to prevent people flying from eight countries from bringing any device bigger than a smartphone aboard their aircraft. 
Instead, those electronics need to be stored in the cargo hold.

It is also very important here to note that, individual vigilance is also very essential to national and world security. Bits of information could go a long way to save lives and secure property. While nations do the needful, our own acts of security and vigilance can never be over emphasized!