UK's Prestigious School, Eton College Has Offered Scholarship To A Nigerian Kid!

The most prestigious British school, Eton College, has offered a scholarship worth over £70,000 to a Nigerian youngster studying his GCSEs. Eton college has the likes of princes William and Harry, former British prime minister David Cameron; and foreign secretary Boris Johnson among other high flyers past and present within and outside of British politics and the city of London financial powerhouse as it's alumni,

Sixteen-year-old Joshua Adeyemi, who attends Ark Globe Academy in SE1, was picked out of hundreds of talented applicants – all predicted to bag a catalogue of A*s. "It’s funny because it all just happened so fast," Josh said. “My mom was just thanking God and was jumping for joy. 

“Between February 6 and 9 I was there to take three tests and do six interviews. They were all really rigorous. I arrived there and we had an hour to look around, then straight away we were doing a maths exam.

Just three days after what could have been a humble goodbye to the college, Josh received the “overwhelming” news that the scholarship was his.

“I was ecstatic, to say the least,” said Josh. “But I was also a bit gutted because I made friends with other people while I was there, who I know didn’t get the offer, and who I really got on with.”

His chosen subjects are biology, geography, economics, and politics – but he is also considering maths as a fifth A level.

Josh added that he only found out about the scholarship after reading about last year’s local Eton scholarship winner, Ahmed Roble, who moved to the all-boys private school after completing his GCSEs at Walworth Academy, with four A*s, four As and two Distinction* grades.

“Seeing that Ahmed got into Eton after going to a school like mine made me realize it was possible,” He said. Now, all Josh needs to do is seal the deal by getting six As and a Grade 8 in English Language.
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