Graphic Images! 13 More Killed As President Buhari & Governor El-Rufai Continue To Supervise The Killing Of Christians In Nigeria!

Easter Sunday - April 16, 2017

Holy Day of Obligation
Easter Sunday is exactly the day Christ rose from the dead as we Christians believe and celebrates, {1 Corinthians 15:4}. But somewhere in Northern Nigeria, right in their own homes, Christians are being killed like animals with reckless abandon, with the jihadist Nigerian government looking the other way.

It has been reported that suspected Fulani gunmen attacked Asso community in Jema'a Local Government Area in Kaduna on the eve of Easter Sunday and left13 Christians dead. 
Nearly one year since the killing started, the Kaduna state government and the ear infection suffering Nigerian federal government just issued a statement through Nasir El-Rufai's spokesperson, Samuel Aruwan, saying that security operations are being ramped to rid the forest areas of the bandits.

According to Samuel Aruwan's post on Facebook, he said the governor have launched an Operation Harbin Kunama II’ that would help the Army deal with the armed persons responsible for the attacks in Southern Kaduna. He said that the forthcoming Operation Harbin Kunama II is a necessary step towards ending the violence in parts of southern Kaduna.

The question here is; how long will it take the Nigerian Federal government to arrest and prosecute rather than continue to pay the killer herdsmen to stop the killing.  Just a few days ago, the ruling political party in Nigeria, the APC in a tweet said, ''It is easy to forget where Nigeria was when this administration began 2yrs ago, and BH held no fewer than 14 LGAs in the Northeast - PMB.''

It appears that the government has since approved the replacement of Boko Haram killings with Fulani Herdsmen killings. However, don't forget we know a lot of high-profile members of the ruling party who were fingered and some are even standing trial, but continue to act as the party's national and northern leaders without the government doing anything to ascertain their involvement in the activities of this dreaded blood tasty group.