Here Is The List Of World's Most Dangerous Cities & South Africa Is Not Missing!

An action or omission which constitutes an offense and is punishable by law is otherwise known as a crime!  But some actions in some cities around the world appears to be more dangerous and defiles all the principles of law-abiding, to the extent that crimes here are rarely punished, hence are labeled 'dangerous and violent cities.' 

According to, 50 cities around the world have been labeled most violent cities and 43 of them are in South and Central America. Of all of the cities on the list, 19 are in Brazil, eight are in Mexico, and seven are in Venezuela.

This is according to the ranking released by Mexico’s Citizens’ Council for Public Security. The list was calculated according to the number of homicides recorded in each city out of 100,000 people.

However, the ranking only includes cities with populations of more than 300,000. It also doesn’t include deaths in combat zones or cities with unavailable data – which is why many cities you may expect to see on such a list, such as Aleppo and Mosul, don’t appear.

You still need to watch where you go, when it comes to traveling to these homicide hotspots. The list starts from the last on the list to the 1st and the 'most dangarous!  
Here we go!
50. Durban, South Africa
49. Curitiba, Brazil
48. Cucuta, Colombia
47. Vitoria, Brazil
46. Manaus, Brazil
45. Macapa, Brazil
44. Armenia, Colombia
43. Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa
42. Goiânia y Aparecida de Goiânia, Brazil
41. Ciudad Obregón, Mexico
40. Chihuahua, Mexico
39. Ciuaba, Brazil
38. Teresina, Brazil
37. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
36. Detroit, USA
35. Fortaleza, Brazil
34. New Orleans, USA
33. São Luís, Brazil
32. Kingston, Jamaica
31. Palmira, Colombia
30. Gran Barcelona, Venezuela
29. João Pessoa, Brazil
28. Recife, Brazil
27. Mazatlan, Mexico
26. Baltimore, USA
25. Maceio, Brazil
24. Culiacan, Mexico
23. Guatemala City, Guatemala
22. Tijuana, Mexico
21. Cali, Colombia
20. Salvador, Brazil
19. Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil
18. Cumana, Venezuela
17. Barquisimeto, Venezuela
16. Vitória da Conquista, Brazil
15. Feira de Santana, Brazil
14. St Louis, USA
13. Cape Town, South Africa
12. Aracaju, Brazil
11. Belém, Brazil
10. Natal, Brazil
9. Valencia, Venezuela
8. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela
7. San Salvador, El Salvador
6. Maturin, Venezuela
5. Ciudad Victoria, Mexico
4. Distrito Central, Honduras
3. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
2. Acapulco, Mexico
1. Caracas, Venezuela