Ivanka Trump Was Booed In Germany After Saying Her Father Supports Women

Ivanka Trump was booed by the audience as she defended her father as a supporter of women while answering questions in Germany about her dual role as a first daughter and presidential adviser.
Trump spoke on the W20 Summit's " Inspiring Women: Scaling up Women’s Entrepreneurship" panel, moderated by German journalist Miriam Meckel, on Tuesday in her first international appearance since she officially joined the White House as a West Wing employee.
"Germany is not familiar with the concept of a First Daughter," Meckel told Trump. "You’re representing the people of the United States, your father, or your business?"
"Certainly not the latter," Trump said, acknowledging that her role in the White House is new to her as well, and she's still figuring it out herself. " This is early for me. I'm listening, I'm learning, I'm defining the ways in which I think I'll be able to have an impact."
Bringing her presence in Germany back to the panel, Trump emphasized that, as an executive in the private sector, she cares about empowering female entrepreneurship and appreciates the opportunity to champion this issue.
Meckel also questioned Trump about her father's views on women, adding that the audience was visibly displeased when she called her father a champion for working families, given his past comments on women.
Noting that the criticism has come from the media, Trump responded with the line of defense she used on the campaign trail — that she could vouch for her father as a female advocate in the workforce and as a daughter. Read full info here