OMG! How A Quack Doctor Amputated A Newborn Baby's Hand After He Thought The Baby Was A Stillbirth!

This is one of those stories that will make you weep for my mother Africa! According to this report, this is clearly an avoidable error by a supposed medical doctor which resulted in a baby losing one of its hands. The story shared by a Facebook user has it that a man had taken his brother's wife to the hospital to deliver her baby. However, on getting there the doctor arrived at the conclusion that the baby was dead and sought the permission of the brother-in-law to amputate the child's hand so as to save the woman's life.

And it turned out the baby was not dead and the child will have to live without a limb due to a doctor's mistake. The incident, which happened in northern Nigeria, has led a lot of people to call for further investigation because the story does not add up. Unfortunately, the Facebook user did not state which African country the ugly incident happened.