OMG! Nigerian Road Safety Commander Cuts Off Female Staffer's Hair Extensions, Sighting Improper Hair-do!

This can only be seen in Nigeria! What kind of government do we have in Nigeria, that a boss can treat his subordinate like this? This man has just shown how he treats his wife at home and if this Buhari's government is a listening one, this idiot should be sacked with immediate effect. 

Pictures here above and loads below shows a Nigerian Federal Road Safety Corps commander, Andrew A Kumapayi, cutting off female members of staff's hair and hair extension during the command's parade today April 10th.

According to the report, their hair was cut off because it contravened some workplace regulations.  The commission has a rule which states that all female uniformed officers must not have a hairstyle that drops past their collar. 
However, this does not give this man powers to physically cut staffer's hairdo and I am sure there is no law that permits this his disgraceful act.