OMG! Woman Dies Few Days After A Facebook Friend Dreamt That She Died & This Was After She Thanked God For A Successful Surgery!

According to reports, a woman has died within a day after she published a post on Facebook thanking God for a safe surgery, but the most surprising thing is the fact that her death was foreseen by her Facebook friend. Onyinyechi Flourish Enyiazu (God rest her soul), had a conversation with one of her Facebook friends, John Kpoobari Diidi, in which he asked her to pray that he dreamed she died following a surgery.

John had no idea she was going for a surgery but during the chat, he told her to pray about it, that he too had prayed. Thursday, Onyinyechi shared a post on her Facebook account, thanking God for a successful surgery and all her friends joined her in thanking God. She wrote:
"Thanking Jehovah overdo on a successful surgery!! Surely, He is God all by Himself." Sadly she died the following day, Friday, April 14th.

Friends and family have flooded Onyinyechi's Facebook account with tributes, with most saying she was a very vivacious woman who made impact. The number of tributes left on her wall shows that she was a very popular person. 

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