Twitter Users Mocks President Robert Mugabe As He Is Said To Be Ruling Zimbabwe From A Wheelchair!

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has been presented with a wheelchair by his cabinet members due to his deteriorating health. You would recall his wife, Grace Mugabe a few years ago was reported to have said, that her husband, who is the oldest Head-of-State in the World would continue to rule even from a wheelchair and later from his grave because of 'his love for his country.

'We are going to create a special wheelchair for President Mugabe until he rules to 100 years because that’s what we want, she said in 2015.

Earlier this year, she also said 'one day when God decides that Mugabe dies, we will have his corpse appear as a candidate on the ballot paper. You will see people voting for Mugabe as a corpse.'

Well, the wheelchair, which was recently presented to him as a birthday gift at an event to allegedly aid him in ruling the country, has now become a sensational topic on Twitter with many mocking the president.
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