Unintelligent Buhari's Almajiries Media Spin-doctors Caught In The Act Of Photo-shopping EFCC Operatives!

But these people are not intelligent at all! Buhari and his media almajiri spin-doctors have started again. Gullible Nigerians will believe anything! This is from where the photoshopped EFCC Operatives originated. Be smart folks! They just want to divert attention from the $50 million found in Amaechi's flat!

They mastered photoshopping with Buhari's 50day medical tourism to the UK and now they want to divert Nigerian's attention from the whopping $50 million discovered in an Ikoyi flat of one of his top ministers. US dollars are now being dug out of tombstones in Nigerian cemeteries, and you believe, folks? With the photoshopped EFCC operatives? 

Okay, compare this photo with the source of the photoshopped EFCC operatives? Can you see the three EFCC guys standing together? Tell them you are more intelligent than them! Most of them are Almajiries! Here is the source!