Watch Video As Ogoni Man Got Beating Of His Life For Slapping Lady Wearing A Biafran Cap & Forced Her To Take It Off!

A man in Ogoni, Rivers state was publicly humiliated for attacking a woman because she was wearing a Biafran branded cap. 

According to the report, a lady who wore a cap that barred “The Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB” symbol on it, was made to brutally beat the man in retaliation for slapped her. 

The lady who explained what happened after she was questioned, she revealed that the unknown man just walked up to her asking her to remove her “IPOB Cap” because it isn’t registered with the Nigerian government. She refused, and then he slapped her and stabbed her with a screwdriver, before destroying her iPad.

When the man was asked what transpired, he admitted he owns the screwdriver but denied that he was the one responsible for the woman's injuries. He claimed he only approached her "like a man". His story did not seem convincing and he was manhandled by the crowd. See the video below.