As Seen In Ghana. Woman Caught On Cam Using Her Saliva To Clean Drinking Glasses In A Beer Parlour!

This is terrible. Why on earth would someone use saliva to clean drinking glasses?  A woman who goes by the Instagram name (micygh) was allegedly caught on camera cleaning tequila glasses with her saliva at Diamond Pub and Grill, East Legon, Ghana. She is said to be the owner of the bar.

Someone wrote; ''fake_bloggersSo @michygh i ve tried to be on your defense since u opened this pub. People mocked your container but i felt they were just being petty. But seeing this, Mercy me! I am beginning to ve a second thought and believing what i heard about your man's source of wealth and your intentions of running a business like this. I know for a fact u deliberately wiped those tequla glasses with your excess saliva around your mouth. Is that what ur juju man asked you to do to gain customers? You are a disgrace to the human race! I am going to tell u and your husband @shattawalenima that your jujuman says the charm u came to collect will only last for only 10yrs. So lets see how u are going to stand the humiliation after the end of your 10years period.''

Folks this isnt about she being a dirty girl oooo she knows exactly what she was doing to those glasses. Shame on u! Share this video folks let it go viral. We aint going into that container pub ever in our lives. Disgraceful swine like u!