As Seen In The Zoo Called Nigeria. Nigerian Armed Forces Continue To Abuse Citizens At Osun State University

A student narrates how Nigerian Airforce personnel are abusing both students and lecturers right inside their university campus. 

"I am a student of Osun state university, Ipetu Ijeshu campus. We are being harassed daily by Airforce personnel but today was worse. They beat up a student in town and took him to their base. When our lecturers went to talk with them in their base, they beat them up and injured one of them to the extent that he was bleeding profusely and had to be rushed to the hospital. "A few hours later, an air force patrol van and a coaster bus full of personnel came into our school compound. They first beat all the securities at the campus gate and chased all students into the school. They entered our classes and beat some students to a pulp. They beat us with cutlasses, big sticks, and guns.We couldn't record well because they beat up anybody they saw recording or taking pictures and students had to leave school through a farm at the back. Please, we need help." 
 Watch the videos here below: