How Osinbajo, Saraki, Dangote, Tinubu, IBB, Dogara Others Thwarted Emir Sanusi's Probe For Corruption!

According to reports, on May 22, after receiving a letter from the State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, the Kano State House Assembly called off its investigation into allegations of misappropriation of funds and other corruption allegations against the Kano Emirates Council. 

You would recall, the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II was accused of financial recklessness, with an allegation stating that he spent as much as N6 billion since he ascended the throne in 2014.

In the letter read during to the House by the Speaker, Kabiru A Rurum, it was then reported that the governor urged the Assembly to suspend its investigation following pleas by former leaders, traditional rulers and various statesmen across the federation, lib reports.

The letter has now been shared publicly in a newspaper and the names of the very influential Nigerians who appealed have been revealed.

Commenting on the development, an anonymous wrote, ''this confirms that Sanusi is like the rest of them a crook. There were similar reports of reckless spending while he was CBN governor.''
''All the noise he made about missing NNPC funds was nothing but goals for personal and political benefits. BEAUTIFUL ONES NOT YET BORN, don't be deceived!''

Another anonymous wrote; '' This was the same man accusing GEJ and Diezani of embezzlement, how the mountain has fallen. Please Resign mister man to avoid further embarrassment and disgrace.''

The comments continued;  ''Wow... The level of fraud in the Nigerian system cannot be flushed out... Imagine covering up fraud and an investigation... And we tink apc is better... Sanusi can continue his waste and just kip quiet..'' 

Yo know what? This is a man skimming and was ready to give up his turban for the office of the Vice President should Mr. Buhari not make it back to the rock following his terminal ill health.