OMG! Baby Who Said Hello Aged Seven-Weeks Old Can No Longer Speak Aged Two! (Video)

((Photo: Handout)
According to, one mom whose video of her seven-week-old baby saying 'hello' went viral two years ago has made the heartbreakingly ironic revelation that her son, Cillian, now doesn't speak at all at the age of two.

Toni McCann's son Cillian has a form of autism and can't say anything. After sharing such joy over him "speaking" so early on in his life, she now finds herself longing to her her little boy says "hello, Mummy".

The video, showing a tiny Cillian saying his 'first word', went viral around the world two years ago after a local radio station shared it, resulting in Toni and husband Paul, now 41, doing interviews for American TV shows. Watch Video & Read More Here