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Una Go Soon Die For Nothing - Charlie Boy

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Arrogantly ignorant Nigerian youths, una cup don full. Why must fellow Nigerians remind me daily that the youths are irredeemable. Joor, It is high time una receive sense by force or else many of una go just die for nothing and the few wey go remain go chop sand sand. Our Mumu should be over. E don do. I gree say Na our elders and our yeye leaders put us for this roundabout.

But our Mumu should be over. Haba!!!!!!! Sometimes, I dey wonder if the mumugiosity of Nigerian youths na curse. E dey really pain me when I see Nigerian youths dey suffer yet dem no wan fight for their lives.  I dey wonder how a very small margin wey no even reach 1% of the entire population of we country go pack the future of over 170million people keep inside Agbada and most of una just go dey look Uche face like zombie. To make an already complicated matter worse, youths, these days, believe that you can get something out of nothing, that you can reap where you did not sow, and that it doesn't matter if what you are doing is wrong, as long as you are making money from it, it is the right thing. Which kin Mumu thinking be dat?

Almost on a daily basis, some mumu youths of this country go call me to say dem wan join illuminati. Like say na illuminati be the work wey I dey do. One guy even call me one day and without any caution or restraint, he said he is ready to sell his soul to the devil. Shey dem tell am say na me be the devil ? Abi, Na so to get this money? I just dey pity most of you youths. I pity una because the same set of people who have been selling your lives to outsiders since independence are still in power making sure you are not seen or heard. They are neither tired nor bothered about your tribulations. They deliberately make sure that you do not get what you deserve, no enabling environment, no employment, dream killers, creating poverty all over the place. They wear a veil of holiness to cover their evil faces and pretend to be fighting for your interest. Mumu youths, una go still go ahead to celebrate them and vote for them because of 1000 Naira. Me, I know say some of una go chop sand sand if you remain for this mumu lane, I swear to God.

I know that some of you are not ready to come out of your mumugiosity. I know some of you will not even respond quickly to this call of nationalism, una own Na to talk nonsense on top internet. I also know that some of you will be unwilling to hold the rope of emancipation which is being thrown out to you. However, I must tell you the truth. The truth is that things will NEVER change except una decide to genuinely change it. Na since independence people don dey talk say Nigeria go better and now, e still never better. Shebi If I need my light on, I suppose fit get up from the chair and switch it on ? But in Nigeria, we believe praying can help us switch on the light, hence, we won't bother. Oh Lord, shame wan kill me here no remain. Because as long as una want to dey promote Miracles ahead of Hardwork Una go die for nothing.

Anyway sha, I still believe in the exceptional youths of Nigeria. I have met a few who are willing to reclaim their country from the hands of political criminals with insatiable desire to loot and plunder. Already, we have started seeing skirmishes in the northern part of the country because they are simply tired of sucking up to politicians who fail to keep their promises with the suffering people. Fact is, When the People are tired of political exploitation, A Nation is Reawakened. When Politicians continue in the path of Reckless Criminality, A Mob is encouraged. When frustration becomes the only mood in vogue in a nation, then, the people are left with nothing else but to defiantly fight for their future. You get to a Point where you say "DAMN THE CONSEQUENCES" and you Unleash the MOB in you to Fight for the Interest of all.

There will be no hope in sight and Nigerians will continue to Suffer times 3 if the youths Continue to Remain Docile, Indifferent, Intolerant to one Another and Religiously Hypnotized. When Citizens feel Cheated, Looted, Corrupted and Criminalized, They Fight to Change the Status quo not wait for Politicians. Therefore, Nigerians who are disillusioned and disenchanted with the failings of Government, Political Leadership, Religious and Moral Institutions, must as a matter of urgency, begin to organize themselves for sustained activism. They must begin to organise themselves to produce options come 2019, because over their dead bodies will it be business as usual. The battle against political criminality, religious and political slavery, must be fought with all our might. We already know that our common enemy are the politicians, and the ex military generals now in agbada playing chess with our lives. What is left is for everyone to get up on their feet and fight these criminals and legislooters. The time is ripe to begin to demand for good governance and accountability from our political representatives. You will never get the supply of good governance except you demand for it. And to effectively make this demand, we must all come together as one indivisible body of frustrated and vexed Nigerians who are genuinely concerned about changing the high handedness in governance and the unending spate of repression by political office holders. 

The OurMumuDonDo movement is open to collaborating with all Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs); Civil Society Organisations (CSOs); Activists; Revolutionist Movements; Journalists, Musicians, Photographers, Painters, Filmmakers, Poets, Designers, Developers, Cartoonists, Podcasters, especially Nigerians in diaspora. This is an All-Nigerian Movement and we are Determined to make Nigeria Better through Sustained Activism. This is not about what personal reward you can get but about what you can do for yourself and your country. Damn it

Join us today by registering on You can also follow the movement on our Facebook platform - OurMumuDonDo; Instagram - OurMumuDonDo; and Twitter - @OurMumuDonDo.  Pikin wey say him mama no go sleep him self no go sleep.
God Punish wicked people


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