As Seen Only In America! Watch Video As American Man Proposes To His Girlfriend In Handcuffs While Being Arrested!

What is really wrong with America women that they continue to commit to career criminals in marriage. Usually, a marriage proposal is meant to be a special moment that comes with careful planning, but that wasn't the case for an Oklahoma couple who got engaged in a rare situation.

Police officers were arresting Brandon Thompson for six felony warrants at his Muskogee home on the 4th of July when he made a shocking request to propose to his girlfriend, Leandria Keith. Police body camera captured the 35-year old in handcuffs on his birthday asking his mother if he should "do it now" and told her to get the ring. When he got hold of the ring he got down on one knee and shocked his girlfriend by proposing to her outside their yard.

"I love you," Thompson is heard saying. "Will you be my wife, please?" Keith said yes. The officer wearing the body-cam is then seen switching Thompson's handcuffed hands from his back to his front so he could place the engagement ring on Keith's finger.

The bride-to-be told Newson6 that she was shocked by what happened, but knew what her answer would be.
Oh my gosh is he serious?? she told News On 6. ?But I knew I was gonna say yes. Like, I love him a lot. We go through our ups and downs. I guess it?s like an unconditional love, you know??

Thompson was eventually taken away and booked. The couple who have been together since May 2016 plan on tying the knot after he gets through all his legal troubles.

Muskogee County District Court documents show Thompson had six felony warrants out for his arrest. But he was released the next day after his wife to be, pulled the couple's savings together to bail him out of jail.

Thompson's will appear in court on July 17th