Comedian Maleke Idowu Advises Aso Rock Cabal To Bring Back The £4000 A Day Parking Fee Presidential Jet Until Buhari Is Ready To Return!

Following the reported high fee the parked Nigerian presidential jet is incurring at the London Gatwick Airport waiting for Mr. Buhari to recover from his terminal illness, Nigerian comedian Maleke Idowu has called on the Aso Rock cabal to at least bring back the aircraft until Buhari is ready to return.

Here is what Maleke Idowu wrote; 'The idle presidential aircraft in London consumes 4k pounds everyday for parking lot and its idleness allegedly. By 12am this morning,it would be 50days it has stayed idle and if you multiply that by N400/1pounds for 78 days it will amount to N124,800,000.00 doing nothing but waiting for the president to get well'. 

'This is not a government but a mistake. Why not return the aircraft to Nigeria till he is ready to return. If the plane is there where are the crew? Rubbish government. I made a mistake and is not too late to be corrected. They will here from me soonest'.