''It is with utmost concern over the plight of Southern Kaduna Indigenous People in Kaduna state and their indigenous counterparts in Plateau, Nasarawa, Bauchi and Taraba state which the leader of their youths, John Danfulani PhD who visited Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and demanded that they wish to go with Biafra nation when Biafra is restored, that I, Mazi Onyebuchi Eze, a passionate Biafran Activist with Family Writers Press of Indigenous People of Biafra wish to advise you, the Southern Kaduna Youths led by John Danfulani PhD to start a full scale agitation for either the sovereignty of Southern Kaduna or the inclusion into the coming Biafra nation. It is only when a sustained hurricane of agitation from millions of Southern Kaduna youths for a sovereign Southern Kaduna or a demand for inclusion into Biafra that IPOB, entire Biafrans, Nigeria government and the world at large will take you people serious. It is good that you people who are Southern Kaduna Youths understand that only John Danfulani Ph.D., no matter his societal influence or academic exposure can never represent the opinion of all the people of Southern Kaduna indigenous people because it is not only Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) that is standing as IPOB. The world has become aware today that Biafrans want to exit Nigeria not because Nnamdi Kanu is speaking but because millions of Biafrans (Elders, women, youths and children) gathers at demand whenever needed even under the rain of bullets.

Dear Southern Kaduna Youths, as far as I am concerned it is only when thousands of you hit the streets of cities of Kafanchan, Zango-Kataf, Zaria or Saminaka and begin to protest that you want sovereign Southern Kaduna or that you want to be part of Biafra that IPOB and Nigeria government will take you people serious. It is only when you people create Southern Kaduna Self-determination groups and probably make John Danfulani your agitation leader that the world will take you people serious. It is when your create media platforms on social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram and create a websites with which to let the world know that you people are tired of being slaughtered in Nigeria by both Nigeria military and Nigeria Fulani herdsmen, that IPOB and the international community will take you people serious.

Dear Southern Kaduna Youths, the need urgency of the above listed criteria of convincing the IPOB, Nigeria government and the world at large that you want to join Biafra or at best demands sovereign Southern Kaduna become very important because IPOB does not know how to differentiate between the Southern Kaduna Youths which John Danfulani is leading and the Coalition of Arewa Youths which Yerima Shettima is leading. As far as am concerned, I don't know the ideological difference between a John and an Usman that are from same Kaduna state, a Joseph and an Abdullahi from same Kaduna state, a Matthew and an Aminu from same Kaduna state, etc. If you bring the list of Arewa youths led by Yerima Shettima who issued Kaduna declaration and are throwing all manner of insult on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, your will concurrently see John, Abdullahi, Jacob and Audu in the list. Then what is the difference between the Southern Kaduna people and others?

Dear Southern Kaduna youths, it is grossly wrong for you people to fold your hands and be waiting for when Nigeria will disintegrate in order to join Biafra because IPOB will hardly know whether you people are for real or sponsored as saboteurs by Nigeria government. It is possible for Nigeria government to also send you people as saboteurs into Biafra struggle. IPOB will wish to see Southern Kaduna youths begin to create agitation structures that will make the world know that they are no more interested in Nigeria or IPOB will see them as saying Biafra on their lips and having Nigeria in their hearts. IPOB is not made up of people who just have disagreement with governors of a states who can be silenced with a common appointment of government but IPOB is made of people who are ready to reject even Nigeria presidency if given to them but choose Biafra restoration.

Dear South Kaduna youths, if IPOB fails to see millions or at least thousands of Southern Kaduna youths standing, agitating and protesting for inclusion into Biafra with John Danfulani PhD, we will conclude that majority of the people of Southern Kaduna is still interested in One Nigeria and should not be talking about Biafra because only John Danfulani cannot be speaking for the whole populace of Southern Kaduna. Southern Kaduna should know that belonging to Biafra must be done through agreement and not by force. IPOB is waiting for you people

Mazi Onyebuchi Eze