This Is What You Get When You Appoint Nonentity As Your Assistant; Buhari's Aide Lauretta Onochie Mugged Over Comment That Buhari Is A Private Citizen!

This Buhari's aide caused uproar yesterday while on air talking about President Buhari's present predicament relating to a protest in Abuja calling for his resignation or return to Nigeria.

She goofed when she told Nigerians the state of Buhari's health is personal to him and has no obligation to disclosing such to anyone, stating that the choice to do so is solely his. She continued by saying; ''It is disrespectful and very intrusive, we are intruding into his private rights. he has rights too as a citizen of Nigeria. Anybody can get sick at any time.''

Then even while still on air Nigerians thought her a lesson of her life. Read reactions below...;