You See The Level Of Corruption At The Watch Of Buhari? Civil Defence Corps Budgets N254million For Nuclear Weapon Equipment IN 2018!

You see how corruption has continued to grow under the watch of the Nigerian self-acclaimed anti-corruption headmaster. According to sources, a budget breakdown of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has revealed that the agency proposes to spend N254.2m on the procurement of nuclear weapon equipment. This is despite the fact that Nigeria is not a nuclear-capable nation.

Deputy Commandant of NSCDC, Emmanuel Okeh, said he was unaware of the procurement of the nuclear weapon in the budget, but explained that the NSCDC had a chemical and nuclear unit.  

Other purchases include the following.
 Purchase of two BMW 900 RT, 374 Sinoki motorcycles, 200 bikes and 30 rider kits at N196.6million. 
Operation and communication equipment for N445.16million Anti-vandal equipment at N185.98million
Disaster management equipment at N217.33million
Purchase of operational pick-up vans, forensic equipment, and accessories, arms, ammunition and system management are set to gulp N358.42m, N27.46m, and N200.96m respectively.
Dogs’ handling equipment/maintenance for N104.56million.
Installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) with duty post for pipeline monitoring at N218.03million.
Upgrading of an indoor shooting range with an in-built armory in Sauka, Abuja, will cost N15m.
Purchase and installation of solar panels and accessories for the command and control theatres in Bayelsa, Abuja, comptroller general’s residence, states and zonal command headquarters will cost N225m.

 Upgrading of NSCDC clinic at Sauka, training schools and zonal commands, as well as construction and completion of three out of eight barracks to will cost N150.11m and N433.39 respectively.

Construction of four out of 30 state command headquarters is proposed at N1.87b. 
Completion of additional classrooms at Sauka, Abuja, and in Ogun State is set to cost  N93.86m as development and upgrading of ICT infrastructures is budgeted to be N305.82million.