A List Of What South East Restructuring Conference Held In Awka Agreed (aka Ekwueme Square Declaration)

Here are the very most important agreements reached by Ohaneze Ndigbo at the South East Zonal Summit held yesterday at Ekwueme Square, Awka.

These propositions shall be known as the 'Ekwueme Square Declaration 2018'

Nigeria Needs a New Constitution. The 1999 Constitution should be repealed.

1 President and 5 Vice Presidents from Each Geopolitical zones.

A single term of 6 years for Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Governors.
The same number of states per geopolitical zones.

Creation of one or more additional states for South East.

LG to be scrapped from Federal Constitution.

State of Origin should be scrapped and replaced with the State of Residence. In a case, it can't be scrapped. Any child born in any state in Nigeria shall automatically also have rights of the state of origin of the state where he or she was born. Any person that has resided and paid tax in any state in Nigeria for a period of 10years also automatically adapts the State as the State of Origin.

States should be allowed to manage Natural Resources within their territory.

Federal Character Commission be replaced by Merits and Equal Rights Commission.

State Police.

The state should be allowed to conduct Elections for State Governors and State Assembly.

A simple majority must be scrapped and a candidate must have at least 50% of total votes to win an election.

Individual candidacy shall be allowed provided the candidate meets a certain minimum criteria