Kaduna State Local Council Election, The Worse Electoral Fraud Ever- PDP

Official PDP Nigeria
The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Kaduna State chapter, on Sunday, accused the All Progressives Congress, (APC) of electoral fraud. PDP said APC in collaboration with the State Independent electoral commission (SIECOM) have stolen the mandate given to them by the people of Kaduna State in the local government elections.

Addressing a Press Conference at the party’s secretariat in Kaduna, PDP State Chairman, Hon.Felix Hassan Hyet, said the party will soon release its field results of the polls, alleging that returning officers expected to collate the real results have disappeared.

Hassan Hyet, a former minister of aviation, alleged that his party has been shortchanged in the results announced so far in the 15 local government areas of the state. He said PDP party agents have submitted reports and they will follow legal means to address the injustices meted out on them.

Hyet, further claimed that most of the results announced so far were through radio stations rather than the returning officers who he said refused to collate the results.

The PDP state chairman, while calling on supporters to remain calm, said the manufacturers of the electronic voting machines were supposed to have stayed in Kaduna to monitor the machines to avoid a malfunction in some polling units.

This is as he also alleged that some electronic voting machines were snatched to unknown destinations only for results to be announced on Radio stations. His words, “Some returning officers have disappeared completely. Even, some wards returning officers also disappeared only to appear later.

“We are waiting for the returning officers to come out and announce the results in local government areas yet to be announced. Our agents have submitted the results to us and we will take necessary legal steps to address the injustices. The manufacturer of the machines should have been on the ground to monitor the machines.

“We will soon make our reports collected from our field agents public. We believe as a party, we will take over power in 2019 because Nigerians have said goodbye to APC,” Hyet said. He also added that “We call on you to brief you on the update of the local election results of 15 local government so far released. Some local government results were not announced by the returning officers but radio stations. 

At the moment we have some local government areas like, Kaduna South, Chikun, Kajuru, Jema, Kagarko, Sanga, still waiting to be announced as the returning officers are nowhere to be found.” With .today.ng.