''Resign In The Name Of Jesus & Let Another Who Is Prepared To Defend The Honor Of The Church Take Over'' FFK Schools Osinbajo

On Wednesday, the Vice President told a gathering in Benue that he did not beg to become Vice President and that he can resign at short notice. He said this while reacting to claims that even as a pastor, he has been silent in the face of the numerous attacks on Christians and churches in some parts of the country.

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode says the Vice President should resign from office.
"I didn't ask to be VP. I can leave at any time"- @ProfOsinbajo
'In the name of Jesus resign and let another, who is prepared to defend the honor of the Church and protect Christians from mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide take your place. Christians are not cowards!''FFK wrote