Radio Reporter Has Sex In Newsroom With His Date Unaware They Were Being Recorded By CCTV Cameras!

A radio station reporter has been caught on CCTV having sex with his date in his workplace. The journalist was filmed romancing his love interest in the newsroom of Radio Maksimum in Ukraine, Kiev.

According to local media, the man had been giving the young woman a guided tour of his workplace before the tryst took place. Apparently unaware they were being filmed, the reporter is shown pulling down his trousers while his girlfriend sits up on a desk.

But social media users have pointed out that the steamy romp only lasted for a little over one minute. Radio Maximum executive producer Slava Demin confirmed the footage was filmed inside the radio station office.

The station boss suggested that the footage may have been posted on Facebook by a co-worker who had a grudge against the man.

He said: "We checked the footage once it appeared online and we know who the heroic lovers were.  “A Radio Maximum employee decided to have a date in the office.  “We don't know how the CCTV camera ended up on Facebook.
 "Perhaps the person that did so was jealous although this was not exactly a long date."

The saucy journalist has been reprimanded but not sacked over the embarrassing incident, reports local media. One online user posted: "What a selfish man, he did not think about his girl much"

Another added: "From undressing to small talk, the whole video is 2.5 minutes?” With The Sun UK
The reporter romped with the woman in the newsroom