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Wealthy oil dependent Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia and co. are increasingly worried and have warned their nations that their days as wealthy oil powered nations are numbered.
Fracking, the new technology being pioneered by United States which involves using high pressured water to release oil from rock will soon see very high oil demanding nations including America and the entire European countries no longer as thirst as they used to be for foreign oil. Meaning that they could soon be self sufficient.

This is sending a jittery signal to the big oil-money dependent wealthy nations. At the present, almost all major oil exporting nations have seen continuous decline in demand for their export and yet there is no indication that the Nigerian government is taking note of this.

The issue of economic diversification has endlessly been on the lips of the government in the past without any action due to co…
Research scientists have recently discovered that brushing your teeth more regularly could greatly reduce the risk of developing dementia. People with poor oral hygiene are more likely to develop Alzheimer's the same study suggests. Brain samples from patients with the illness were infected with bug that cause gum disease. The researcher believe that when the bacteria reaches the brain they trigger an immune response that destroys neurons. The scientists from a British university in Lancashire studied 20 people. It is recommended we brush our teeth at least two time daily, mainly in the morning and before we go to bed.
News have been making wave lately but wrongly about Pope Francis's comment on gay people.
To put the record straight; Pope Francis urged Catholics not to shun gay people who ''seek God''
He claimed the church should not marginalize homosexuals.
According to news feed, He said; ''if someone is gay and seek the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?''
The statement has been see as a break from the anti-gay stand held by some Catholics.
The elderly pontiff, who took over as Pope earlier this year, reaffirmed the Catholic Church teaching that homosexual acts were sin.
He at the same time said women could not be priests but he would welcome them in administrative roles.

TRAIN CRASH IN SWISS, 35 INJURED. News reaching us  indicates that about 35 passengers have been injured, five of them seriously, after two trains collided head-on just outside a station in western Switzerland. Pictures of the scene showed the two trains still on the tracks with the cabs crumpled into each other. Broken glass lay on the floor of the carriages. Public TV station SRF quoted state police spokesman Pierre-Olivier Gaudard as saying that one person had yet to be recovered from the wreckage. News website quoted Patricia Claivaz of the Swiss rail company CFF as saying the trapped man, a driver of one of the trains, had been located. It was unclear if he was alive. Several ambulances, fire engines and a helicopter were on the scene of the crash at Granges-pres-Marnand in the Vaud canton, around 31 miles southwest of the capital, Bern. Police spokesman Jean-Christophe Sauterel said that rescue operations were still under way. The head-on collision happened around 100m …

Oxford Dictionary 'Redefines' Marriage To Include Gay Couples. The Wonders Of Civilization!!!

Opponents of marriage equality often accuse same-sex marriage advocates of attempting to "redefine marriage." Now the world's most trusted English-language dictionary is set to do just that in order to acknowledge the reality of legalized gay marriage. Gay Star Newsreportsthe publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary have announced their definition of the word 'marriage' will change to include same-sex couples. This is largely due to the fact that Britain recentlylegalizedgay marriage. "We continually monitor the words in our dictionaries, paying particular [attention] to those words whose usage is shifting, so yes, this will happen with marriage," an Oxford University Press spokeswoman told Gay Star News. Currently, the online version of the Oxford English Dictionarydefinesmarriage as "the formal union of a man and a woman, typically as recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife." Beneath that definition is the following: "…
Prince Harry Planning A party For The Arrival Of His Nephew, Prince George The 28-year-old is reportedly organizing a party for the royal baby with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's blessing.

Prince Harry is already taking his new role of uncle very seriously, reportedly organising a huge party to celebrate the birth of his nephew Prince George.

Prince Harry is rather excited at the prospect of a right royal knees-up for the new arrival

The 28-year-old is putting his reputation as the wildest member of the royal family to good use as he plans the bash to wet the baby's head and Kate and William have given him their blessing.

"Harry is all over this," a source told The Sun.

"He has had calls made already and William has agreed to it. Kate is fine - it’s tradition."

The new parents would have every right to be a little nervous about Harry planning a party for their son, the future king of England.

Kate and William have given Harry their blessing to organise …
Spain Train Crash: Driver Arrives At Court View Photo Spain Train Crash: Driver Arrives At Court A judge is preparing to question the driver of a train that hurtled off the tracks killing 78 people in Spain. Francisco Jose Garzon Amo is being held on suspicion of "negligent homicide" and has arrived at court where he is due to appear before Judge Luis Alaez, who is heading the judicial investigation into the crash. Judge Alaez will decide whether to press formal charges at the hearing. Garzon, 52, is suspected of driving too fast on a dangerous section of the line near the city of Santiago de Compostela. Reports suggest the train was travelling at around 190km per hour (120mph), more than twice the 80km per hour (50mph) speed limit when it entered the bend. Garzon, who was pictured staggering from the wreckage with blood pouring from a head wound, has refused to make a statement or answer questions about the crash. His court appearance will be closed but the judge will decid…
Swarm Of Bees Attacks Couple And Kills Horses View Photo Swarm Of Bees Attacks Couple And Kills Horses A couple exercising their two miniature horses have been attacked by a swarm of around 30,000 bees, stinging the animals so many times that they died. Kristen Beauregard, 44, was stung about 200 times and her boyfriend around 50 times as the insects chased and followed them in Pantego, north Texas. She said they were sweeping up "piles and piles" of bees and "it was like a bad movie". Ms Beauregard said everything was normal as she exercised Trump, a Shetland pony, until he started jumping and kicking. Suddenly, a dark cloud of bees appeared and began stinging both of them. When their attempts to swipe the bees away failed, she jumped into the pool and the pony followed. She said: "It got all dark, like it was night time, there were so many bees. "We were trying to stand up in the water but every time we stuck our heads out for air, they would cover us a…

Home Secretary Theresa May diagnosed with Type 1 diabetesThe home secretary said she would get on with her job despite the illness Related Stories'Diabetes-cure' operation explained'Big fall' in excess diabetes deathsWhat is diabetes? Home Secretary Theresa May has revealed she has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes but insists it will not affect her political career. The condition means her body does not produce insulin and she must now inject herself with the hormone at least twice a day for the rest of her life. She told the Mail on Sunday that the diagnosis "was a real shock" and had taken a while to come to terms with. But it was a case of "head down and getting on with it", Mrs May added. 'Blood test'
She said: "The diabetes doesn't affect how I do the job or what I do. It's just part of life. "'It started last November. I'd had a bad cold and cough for quite a few weeks. I went …
Athletics - Nigerian born Christine Ohuruogu and another African Mo Farah are among winners at London Anniversary GamesMo Farah stormed to victory in the men’s 3000m while Christine Ohuruogu won the women’s 400m at the London 2012 Anniversary Games in the Olympic Stadium. Eurosport - Mo Farah of Britain clicks his heels after winning the men's 3000m at the London Diamond League 'Anniversary Games' athletics meeting at the Olympic Stadium (Reuters) RELATED CONTENT Results: Events with Diamond League statusEurosport - 2 hours 17 minutes ago Athletics - Slow-starting Bolt blasts to victory in LondonEurosport - 21 hours ago Diamond League calendarEurosport - 2 hours 17 minutes ago Bolt 'tries to put sport in good light'Eurosport - 2 hours 17 minutes ago Britis
AFRICAN QUEEN: Okagbare Breaks African Record Again!!!

Nigeria’s Blessing Okagbare who broke the African Women’s 100metres record less than two hours ago with a time of 10:86seconds has beaten that record in the final of the ongoing Sainsbury’s Anniversary games in London with a time of 10:79seconds. Okagbare’s seems to have perfected her style of starting slower but catching up with the others towards the 60 metre mark using the her 1.80m height to the best of her ability. The Nigerian Sprinter couldn’t contain her joy when she confirmed her victory. In an interview granted after, she gave thanks to God Almighty and said she was glad that her timing was getting better. Okagbare beat Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, who had the best qualifying time to fourth place behind second placed Babara Pierce of the USA and their placed Kelly Ann Baptiste of Trinidad and Tobabgo. Other runners were Murielle Ahoure of Cote D’ivore, Kerron Stewart of Jamaica, English Gardner and Carmelita Jeter, both of t…
MARRIED THE BREADWINNER. By, Frank Uche Dibia.The young man and his fiancee wedded on the sunny ember month in the year 2000 and haven decided they would like to be together for always as it is in marriage. He was happy and agreed to match his words with action. He had to match his prospective father in-law to the Catholic Cathedral to sign the paper work that would permit him Ed to take his daughter to the alter like the Catholic church demands. Thrown into the heat of married life with little or no experience of the regular duties of life as a couple, the young man had to figure out things himself as usual. Marriage dubbed the wedding of the year in and around their area as at that time, made headlines in almost all the national dailies. All of a sudden her ex-boy friend appeared to take the center stage. He even became more interested in Kate now than he has ever being. To make things a bit more polite, he was now dubbed a family friend. That was the Genesis, I mean when it all beg…
Egypt: 'Dozens Killed' As Rallies Turn ViolentOuchfrandib..Post View Photo Egypt: 'Dozens Killed' As Rallies Turn Violent At least 70 people have been killed after security forces attacked a protest by supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo, according to the Muslim Brotherhood. Doctors at a field hospital said another 1,000 people had been wounded in clashes on the road to Cairo's international airport. "They are not shooting to wound, they are shooting to kill," Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad said, adding that demonstrators had been hit by gunshot in the head and chest. He said the shooting started just before pre-dawn prayers at a round-the-clock sit-in staged by Morsi supporters at Rabaa al-Adawiya in east Cairo. Activists rushed blood-spattered casualties to the makeshift hospital, some carried on planks or blankets. Many had fatal head wounds. A Reuters reporter at the scene counted 36 bodies at an improvised morgue. Ami…
PDP Crisis: Northern Govs Give Tukur Conditions For Truce
Peoples Democratic Party’s governors from four northern states, who are bent on unseating the national chairman of the party, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, have given conditions for a truce.
The governors, Murtala Nyako (Adamawa), Sule Lamido (Jigawa), Aliyu Wamako (Sokoto) and Rabiu Kwankwaso (Kano), according to a source are willing to make peace with Tukur leadership if he meets their conditions which include returning to the recommendation of the Sule Lamido led presidential reconciliation committee on Adamawa PDP crisis.The conditions also include that the hounding of the party members, PDP governors inclusive, by the National Working Committee (NWC)must be addressed and that the leadership roles of the governors as the chief executives of the states must be clearly defined.
The governors who insist that they would not dump PDP for any other party, the source said, declared that the national headquarters must be open and positive as…
German President Says Whistle Blowers Like Snowden Merit Respect (Reuters) - Germany's president, who helped expose the workings of East Germany's dreaded Stasi secret police, said whistle blowers like U.S. fugitive Edward Snowden deserved respect for defending freedom.Weighing in on a debate that could influence September's federal election, President Joachim Gauck struck a very different tone from that of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has assured Washington that Berlin would not shelter Snowden. Gauck, who has little power but great moral authority, said people who work for the state were entitled to act according to their conscience, as institutions sometimes depart from the law. "This will normally only be put right if information is made public. Whoever draws the public's attention to it and acts out of conscience deserves respect," he told Friday's Passauer Neue Presse newspaper.
After the fall of communism, Gauck, a dissident Lutheran pastor, headed a…
HE IS GEORGE NOT JEFFRY!!! By, Frank Uche Dibia. The Prince of Cambridge's name is George. The name ranked high on the list of names that were been speculated as soon as his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced they were expecting. Taking an in-depth look at this name 'GEORGE', you will agree with me that it's truly a high flyer name. It is very popular among the timber and Caliber of today, not to mention of yester years. High on the list of modern day bearers of this naturally famous name are as follows: Two former US Presidents, George Bush and his son George W Bush, the popular Hollywood star, George Clooney, pop idol, George Michael, all time English premier league football play maker, George Best, British Chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne. Just to mention but a few. There is truly ''something in a name'' they say.
It is greatly unfair for United States Of America to be fighting armed terrorists who kill American citizens abroad while Americans are killing fellow citizens daily with arms without the government having to do anything drastic about it. It makes nonsense of the war on terror the United States is Championing abroad. If am not mistaking, the total number of US citizens killed at home (IN AMERICA BY AMERICANS) this year alone is by far more than the number killed abroad by armed terrorists. So what's the sense fighting terror abroad while there is even more terror at home from fellow American citizens. This is the time to act and to act decisively to save innocent lives. President Barack Obama has no more election to win or lose haven been sworn in for his second and final term in office. The time of rhetoric's and emotional long speeches has come and gone. The only language that can bring the needed changes is action and I me…


The President of United States visited some selected African countries the second time in his Presidency recently without even a transit stop in Nigeria. In the days preceding the visit, a lot was said as ''WHY PRESIDENT OBAMA WILL NOT VISIT NIGERIA''.  In as much as President Obama may have personal and policy reasons not to visit Nigeria for now, reasons I would imagine ranges from corruption to insecurity and in general bad leadership. President Obama has a moral, heritage and every other reason other than against to visit Nigeria. For instance; Nigeria is championing the war on terror in Africa, peace keeping and most of all, as is often said, ''is the most populous black Nation in the world'' and with out missing words, could be the next UNITED STATES the world might see in time not too far from now. regardless of the doom predictions coming out of CIA HQ most recently. To have the first ever United States President of African descent who in his 8 ye…